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The Tragedy of Family Law Litigation

What do you do when all the other choices have been discussed and discarded and divorce is the only alternative? Do you hire the biggest legal gun you can afford, and hope for the best? Not long ago, that would have been your most obvious choice. But no longer. Now you can do what thousands of divorcing couples are doing. You can divorce with dignity and keep both your sanity and your solvency.

Discover how Divorce Mediation and Collaborative Divorce can strengthen you and your children as you restructure your family. Learn the benefits of avoiding the trap of litigation. Attorney-Mediator Harold Brienes can help you find a way to divorce humanely, as he has for so many of his Connecticut clients in Fairfield and New Haven Counties for nearly 30-years. You can learn more about Mediation and Collaborative Divorce by visiting the other pages on this website, You can also call Attorney Brienes at 203-372-9055 or send him an e-mail at for a prompt and responsive reply.