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My name is Harold Brienes. I have been a practicing family lawyer for more than 30 years. For the past ten years, I have been practicing divorce mediation and collaborative divorce exclusively. For 20 years before that, I was one of a legion of divorce lawyers who promised their clients to “fight for your rights.” Those words sum up the war model that was, and still is, divorce litigation. I stopped saying, “See you in court,” every time negotiations became difficult. I stopped because it had become increasingly clear that, more often than not, my colleagues and I were making our clients’ lives more hellish after the divorce than before. The “winner-take-all” mentality ingrained in most family law litigators makes healing all but impossible. Multiply that bad result by a thousand when co-parenting is involved.

I started mediating and practicing collaborative divorce as ways of providing couples a respectful, dignified and private way to part.

As an advanced divorce mediation and collaborative practitioner, my goal is to help my clients learn the benefits of a non-adversarial way of getting to “yes.” I create a safe space in which to freely brainstorm ideas without fear of being judged. This creates an atmosphere of trust in which non-defensive, interest-based negotiation leads to lasting agreements. And, the ability to coparent without the bitterness often generated by litigation, is a gift to your children that they will cherish forever.

I have been helping couples in the throes of divorce overcome the fears that litigation often instills: The fear of “being taken to the cleaners.” The fear of losing a loving connection to your kids. The fear of being thrown unprepared into an unknown world.

By focusing on the promise of a better future, rather than the hurts of a painful past, my clients accomplish their goal of stepping away from their marriage in a dignified and humane way.

I’ll be happy to speak with you personally, with no obligation on your part, about any questions or concerns you may have about mediation or collaborative divorce. Just give me a call at 203-372-9055. If you prefer, you can send me an e-mail at

Thanks for spending your time with me,



Harold Brienes